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Do you own a website, blog or Facebook group that could benefit from our Starter Packages? As a Chinaimportal partner, you get up to 40% commission for all paid customers you send to us.

This is how it works

1. Fill in the application form below;

2. We will review your application, and, if we approve it, we will send your Partner Starter Kit within 24 hours;

3. You can start sending traffic to, or our Webinars, via your partner tracking link;

4. Each time we convert a customer that can be tracked to you (via the partner link), the system will automatically assign a 40% commission to your account;

5. Your commission is paid automatically every 30 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for your partners program?

Simply fill in the registration form in this this page, after reading our Partners Terms of Service (which you must accept during the registration process).

We will then evaluate your application and get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends). If you have any questions, you can also contact us at info at chinaimportal doc com.

Why Should I join the partners program? offers standardized solutions for Brands, E-Commerce companies and Amazon sellers, importing private label and custom designed products from China. Click here to learn more about

If the visitors of your website are interested on these topics, then you can earn up to 40% in sales commission by joining our program and promoting our products in your website, mailing list and/or webinar.

Does it cost anything to join your partners program?

The program is completely free. Also, all you have to is to send your leads to our website (through your website, mailing list, etcetera) using the tracking links that we will provide to you.

We will do the rest of the job!

How can I integrate Chinaimportal products into my website?

We offer a number of different tools for integration (tracking links, banners, logos, discount codes, etcetera). We will send you detailed instructions once we approve your request. Just fill in the form at the top of this page!

How do I make money with your partners program?

We will pay you a 40% commission on the net amount of each sales that you generate.

How does your tracking system work?

Once your account is active, you will be able to link to our website using a link that contains your unique partner ID. For instance, if your ID is “34”, then you will just have to use links such as or Note that our cookies last 365 days.

We will then be able to track every sale that is generated through your unique partner ID. Note that you’ll be able to check your statistics (visits, sales, conversion rate, payments, etcetera) by logging in to your account. The statistics are updated in real time.

How and when do I get paid?

During the registration process, we will require you to enter your Paypal email (you can also update your Paypal email address later on, by logging in to your account).

We will pay you at the beginning of each month, via Paypal.

I have another question!

Please send an email to info at chinaimportal doc com with subject “Partners Question” and we will reply to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends).