Lab Testing Quotation

Product lab testing verifies if your product is compliant with mandatory safety standards and chemicals regulations (e.g. CPSIA and REACH). Once the test is completed, you will receive a test report demonstrating whether your product is compliant or not.

Covered Areas: United States, European Union
Price: Offered upon request
Partner: QIMA
Contact person: Rahul Chawla
Location: Hong Kong S.A.R
Response time: 24 – 48 hours

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Additional Information

About our partner

QIMA is one of the world’s leading compliance testing companies. They offer a state of the art online platform where importers can book lab testing at highly competitive rates.

Covered Areas

  • The United States
  • The European Union

Testing Expertise

  • RoHS
  • ASTM
  • CA Prop 65
  • Phthalates Testing

Relevant Product Categories

  • Apparel & textiles
  • Home products
  • Watches & Accessories
  • Toys & Children’s Products


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Note that receives a commission based on the order value. However, this does not result in a higher price for you.

Price Guidelines

The price depends on the number of samples, materials, and variations (i.e., colors), in addition to the number of applicable standards or regulations. Please fill out the form and request a quotation to obtain price information.

How it works

1. Fill in the form

2. A Representative of our partner will contact you the next working day to help you complete your booking and pay

3. Product sample/s submitted to the compliance testing company

4. The lab test is executed (3 – 7 days)

5. Test report (PDF) is sent to your email


My country and/or my product is not covered. Can you help?

Yes, we can introduce you to other testing labs that cover additional product categories. Please send an email to and provide the following information:

  • Product name
  • Product category
  • Manufacturing country
  • Destination country
  • Age group

When should I book lab testing?

We recommend that you request a quotation at least 4 weeks prior to the requested testing date.

How should I submit a product sample?

QIMA will send instructions for how you or your supplier should submit samples to one of their testing facilities.

Do I need to know which standards and/or regulations apply to my product?

Yes, it’s essential that you understand that which standards and regulations apply to your product. Our partner can make a recommendation, based on their assessment. However, this assessment is not to be seen as an insurance policy in case it turns out that additional tests are required.

What else do I need to consider?

Lab testing is only part of the compliance process. For example, you must also take the following steps:

  • Verify that your supplier has the capability to manufacture products according to all applicable safety standards and regulations
  • Inform your supplier which standards and regulations they must follow
  • Ensure that your product and the packaging is correctly labeled
  • Issue mandatory documents (if any), such as a Declaration of Conformity