Factory Visit


Planning to visit one or more factories and/or trade shows in Mainland China or Vietnam? We help you create a step-by-step visa and travel plan, coordinated with your suppliers of choice.

This is included in the report

+ Visa invitation letter (template only)
+ Travel plan (covering each supplier, recommended hotels and city)
+ Supplier visit date confirmation
+ Factory visit checklist (template)
+ List of pre-written questions for each supplier

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Important information

1. This service requires that you have already found a number of suppliers on your own.

2. Hotel, travel costs or other expenses are not included in our service fee

3. We don’t offer any invitation letters under our company name. However, we can provide templates that one of the suppliers can stamp and sign, which is then used to apply for a business visa (if one is needed).

4. Order this service minimum 3 weeks before departure


+ After your order: We will contact you to request supplier details
+ Delivery time: 5 – 10 days
+ What you get: Travel plan PDF + Templates