Price Research


We help you identify and verify suppliers in China and Vietnam, and request quotations and product information.

This is included in the report

+ Supplier List
+ Contact Details
+ Product pricing
+ MOQ Requirement
+ Payment terms
+ Sample order cost

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Important information

1. You can submit suppliers you have already identified (e.g. on a trade show or to be included in the price research process.

2. Your product specifications will be shared with the suppliers that you want pricing data from. Notice that we don’t offer any compensation or insurance in case of IP (i.e., design or brand) theft by any supplier or other party.

3. There is no guarantee that all suppliers we identify will offer quotations, as some may not be qualified. However, if less than 50% of the suppliers respond, we will remake the report free of charge – given that you provide us with additional suppliers to contact


+ After your order: We will contact you to request supplier details
+ Delivery time: 7 – 12 days
+ What you get: Supplier & Price Research Report (PDF)