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Use the form below to book quality inspections and factory audits. You can expect to receive a quotation within 1 to 2 days. Note that you should book at the latest 3 days before the intended inspection date, but we recommend that you consider booking up to 2 weeks in advance.

Services: Quality Inspection, Factory Audit, Social Compliance Audit
Areas: China, Vietnam, Thailand, and India
Price: Starting from USD 279
Response time: 1 to 2 days

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    Additional Information

    About our partner

    Sofeast Limited is a Hong Kong and Shenzhen based inspection company, founded by Renaud Anjoran. With competitive prices, outstanding service quality and a wide network of inspectors across Asia – Sofeast Limited is our selected partner for all quality inspections and factory audits.

    Product Categories

    • Apparel & textiles
    • Watches & accessories
    • Electronics
    • Home & furniture
    • Kitchen utensils
    • Toys & children’s products
    • Industrial and machinery
    • Packaging


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    Service Overview

    A. Quality Control (QC) takes place in the factory, after production but before you pay the balance. The purpose of the quality inspection is to select a sufficiently large number of samples, and check that they are made according to your specifications and quality requirements.

    B: Factory Audit (FA) takes place in the factory, as part of the supplier vetting process. The purpose of the factory audit is to assess the supplier’s production capabilities, quality management system (or lack thereof) and main products. Hence, the outcome of the factory audit may decide whether you will continue cooperation with a supplier.

    C: Social Compliance Audit (SCA) takes place in the factory, as part of the supplier vetting process. The purpose of the factory audit is to assess the working conditions and safety in the supplier’s production facility.

    Price Guidelines

    1. Quality Control Standard Price (1-day inspection): $299, including transportation charges

    2. Factory Audit Standard Price: $279, including transportation charges

    3. Social Compliance Audit Standard Price: $495, including transportation charges

    3. Additional charges may be added for suppliers in remote locations or inspections that take more than 1 working day

    Serviced Countries

    • China
    • Vietnam
    • India
    • Bangladesh

    How it works

    1. Fill in the form

    2. A Representative of our partner will contact you the next working day to help you complete your booking and pay

    3. QC/FA/SCA Checklist is sent to you for approval

    4. QC/FA/SCA is executed in the supplier factory

    5. QC/FA/SCA report (PDF) is sent to your email


    What other information do we need to provide?

    After receiving the quotation, our partner will contact you to request the following details:

    • Product name
    • Invoice
    • Quantity
    • Product specifications
    • Supplier name
    • Supplier contact details
    • Supplier address
    • Requested inspection date

    When should we book the inspection?

    We recommend that you request a quotation at least 2 weeks before the inspection is expected to take place.

    How many quality inspections do we normally need?

    Generally, one inspection is sufficient. However, additional inspections may be required if you order larger volumes. Here are some guidelines:

    100 to 2000 pcs: 1-day inspection
    2000 to 5000 pcs: 2-day inspection
    5000 – 10,000 pcs: 3-day inspection

    When do we pay for the inspection?

    You need to pay the inspection before it takes place in the supplier’s factory.